How It Works

  1. The Trainer/ lnstructor will download the app and build their profile.
  2. Trainers can then set up a class (Boot Camps, Soccer, Yoga, even how to drive a stick shift, etc.) and then the App will send it to our registered users within a 10 mile radius of the location of class (boot camp at Stone Mountain Park), at a charge of 5.00 per person, and level is beginner.
  3. Users can select activities they want to be alerted for. activities are listed on the App
  4. Once user selects class, they are charged through the app. Now the trainer knows who’s coming and the class fee has been paid in advance by the users. Once class/task is completed, transaction will complete for trainer on the app.
  5. KMUNTY charges a flat processing fee of 25% for all classes created on the app.